40 Ways Kids Can Volunteer, Toddler to Teen

Ways Kids Can Volunteer, Toddler to Teen

When we make service work a normal part of our lives we don’t simply teach our children strong core values, we demonstrate these values in action.

Often volunteering isn’t “official.” A family does yard work and errands for a housebound neighbor. Or they compile information and pass out fliers to get a safety initiative passed through city council. Or they put on a garage sale and donate all the proceeds to benefit a local shelter. They are making the community a better place through their own efforts. The side effect? They give their children a wonderful dose of can-do attitude.

When families reach out to help others, their children learn that this is a natural response. After all, the word “humane” is a variant of the word “human.” The definition of “humane” includes demonstrating better aspects of the human character such as kindness and compassion and showing respect for other people’s views. The word used to define us also describes the qualities essential to forging a society based on mutual regard.

And science tells us that giving makes us happy, from toddler on up.

There are many creative ways to volunteer based on local needs and your child’s interests.

1. Regularly visit a “grandfriend” at a nursing home, assisted living facility, or in the neighborhood. Play card games, do crafts together, teach each other new skills, make up stories, exchange advice, and build a real connection.

2, Volunteer to deliver Meals on Wheels in your neighborhood, perfect for parent and young children.

3. Raise a service dog, typically a puppy training commitment of two years. There are many organizations. Here’s a partial list:

  • Guide Dogs for the Blind
  • Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind
  • National Service Dogs
  • C.H.A.M.P. Assistance Dogs
  • Canine Companions for Independence
  • Autism Service Dogs of America
  • Hero Dogs
  • Angel Service Dogs

4. Grow vegetables and offer extra produce to people who don’t have space to garden, to new parents who don’t have time to garden, to a hunger center.

5. Set up a playgroup for babies at your local nursing home or assisted living facility. This is something I did, which started a family tradition of getting kids involved in the community.

6. Have little kids draw special pictures. Use these as wrapping paper, tucking inside them a piece of wrapped candy or silk flower, along with a note like “thanks for being so nice” or “you made my day.” Then keep these in the diaper bag and when you’re out together, stay on the lookout for a nice cashier, helpful librarian, or kind friend to hand out a surprise package. It cues kids to see goodness everywhere.

7. Let little kids offer popsicles to garbage truck workers. For more ways the smallest kids can engage in acts of kindness, check here.

8. Create ways to share with your neighbors, from a toy swaps to co-ops. Consult the Center for a New American Dream guide and any of the great guides offered by Shareable.

9. As a family or with a group of kids, develop a program to present at a nearby library, daycare, or community center. It might be a puppet show, play, or craft project. Or get your dance class, choir, or martial arts school to give a demonstration at a daycare, nursing home, or community center.

10. Form a band or acting troupe with friends and give free performances.

11.  Make some no-sew dog toys for animals in shelters using inexpensive fleece remnants or old torn jeans. Use old blankets, pillows, or fabric remnants to make pet beds for shelters. Ask if you can volunteer to walk dogs. Raise funds to buy food, litter, and other items the shelter needs. And consider adopting a rescue animal. There are rescue organizations for all sorts of companions, from horses to hamsters.

12. Do errands, cook for or otherwise help out a someone dealing with an illness.

13. Pick up litter in your neighborhood or wildlife area. It’s safest to do this wearing gloves and using a pick up tool or a reacher. Put each piece of trash in a box or garbage bag, then recycle or throw away when you’re done.

14. Protect natural, cultural, and historical resources by volunteering for the National Park Service Youth Conservation Corps (age 16 and up).

15. Work on sets, distribute tickets, usher patrons to their seats, or perform for your local community theater.

16. Learn rehabbing skills while volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. Rules may vary, in our area older kids can volunteer along with a parent.

17. See if your local food shelter will let families work together to set tables, serve beverages, and clean up. If not, you can raise funds to donate food. We know a family that twice-monthly cooks an entrée for 15 people, along with several other families cooking the same entrée, so it can be served that evening at a free dinner offering.

18. Walk dogs, collect mail, shovel snow, or rake leaves for someone in your neighborhood who needs the help.

19. Serve as unofficial welcoming friends for immigrants who could use help navigating unfamiliar streets and who need assistance learning the customs and colloquialisms that aren’t in any handbook.

20. Repair and donate such items as toys, household items, bikes, or computers.

21. Volunteer with Red Cross Youth Services through your local Red Cross branch. And make sure kids and parents take a CPR/first-aid course so everyone is ready to volunteer lifesaving services if necessary.

22. Write letters to deployed service members. For more snail mail ideas, check out 38 Unexpected Ways to Revel in Snail Mail.

23. Produce a neighborhood newspaper or e-letter.

24. Volunteer to help out with Special Olympics.

25. Connect with teens around the world through Unicef-sponsored Voices of Youth.

26. Certify your backyard, even your apartment balcony, as a wildlife garden through the National Wildlife Federation.

27. Greet new people on your street with a small gift such as a houseplant or plate of cookies.

28. Network with other young people working on causes and get small grants to fund your project through Do Something.

29. Certify your dog as a therapy dog to volunteer in hospitals and schools.

30. Form a Peace Jam club and work on positive projects together. (pre-teen, teen)

31. Adopt a town monument and keep it clean.

32. Volunteer to help your library run an Edible Book Festival.  For more library-related service ideas, check out Celebrate Hug Your Librarian Day.

33. Make treats and deliver them to your local police or fire station.

34. Volunteer as a family to help at a Ronald McDonald House in your area.

35. Make warm scarves to donate. Collect clothing, blankets, toys, disposable diapers, and personal care items and donate to homeless shelters.

36. Get involved with Youth Volunteer Corps.

37. Plant extra seeds and share the plants. You might set up a seed or a plant exchange in your 4-H club, church, or other organization.

38. Organize to build a playground in your neighborhood.

39. Earn a President’s Volunteer Service Award for your volunteer work. People of all ages can sign up, track their hours, and search for volunteer opportunities throughUnited We Serve.

40. Earn the Congressional Award, which recognizes initiative by American youth in four self-determined goals areas: Volunteer Public Service, Personal Development, Physical Fitness and Expedition/Exploration. The award is earned individually or with friends, at one’s own pace.


Source: http://lauragraceweldon.com/


Ate Tracey’s Philippine Science Centrum Tour with Concern Marikina

Philippine Science Centrum Tour with Concern Marikina

Ate Michelle had an event plan with us months back and it was for her 2 year old daughter, Tracey. We appreciate the growing number of families who opt to celebrate their children’s precious moments with our beneficiaries’ children. We see a more selfless generation as we continue to have events like these.

Philippine Science Centrum Tour with Concern MarikinaThe Badua family budgeted quite a sum for this celebration as we had a Philippine Science Centrum Tour, Story Telling and customized gifts for each of the 25 children of Concern Marikina (A disaster response NGO). This was on top of renting the venue, sound system and food for all participants.

Ate Tracey’s entourage wasn’t many but they were filled with glee as they interacted with children. Most of the children are first timers in trips like these. U! Happy Events values these kinds of events too as they provide new opportunities for learning and discoveries.

We capped the event with big smiles knowing we created a happy memory among everyone. Our group photo was not the end but a start of brighter things to come. If you are looking to make a celebration like this too, let us know. You can fill up this form. 🙂

Philippine Science Centrum Tour with Concern Marikina

Philippine Science Centrum Tour with Concern Marikina Philippine Science Centrum Tour with Concern Marikina

Volunteer Nurses Bring HOPE to Injured Children

Project HOPE's Volunteer NursesProject HOPE’s three volunteers have been working in two locations in Kathmandu assisting in the medical response to t

he massive earthquake that happened eleven days ago.Nurses Sama Shrestha and Emily Sisa have spent two days in the ward at a training hospital assisting the Nepali nurses stretched thin while taking care of the influx of injured patients from the surrounding area.

Ann Perez has been working in the Pediatrics Tent at the Israeli Military’s IDF Medical Corps Field Hospital. The temporary and portable hospital was set up just days after the earthquake in the sports fields of a Nepali Army base in Kathmandu and is equipped with an operating room, x-ray facility, cafeteria and everything needed to support a team of over 100 solders and medical practitioners from Israel. A group of clowns from Israel have also frequented the field hospital while making their rounds of Kathmandu’s hospitals and bring moments of joy to an otherwise often somber location. Balloon animals and games definitely cheer up the younger patients and their family members who stay at their bedside.

Project HOPE's Volunteer Nurses

In the Pediatrics Tent, Ann has had a few patients for all five days that she’s been working there.One girl arrived with a substantial head injury and resulting paralysis on her left side.She was found days after the earthquake wandering delirious near her rural home by her older brother who had already given her up for dead.When she arrived at the field hospital, she was depressed and unresponsive, frustrated by her painful wounds, battered appearance, and paralysis.In the past few days, though, she has become more responsive, even smiling and interacting at times.She’s also regaining movement on her left side, enough that the doctors are confident of her eventual full recovery.

Yesterday, though, was a major breakthrough. She was in a wheelchair getting fresh air outside of the tent and decided that she was ready to try walking. With the assistance of Ann and another patient’s brother, she was able to walk a short distance and was clearly delighted with herself. Ann and the entire pediatrics team were beside themselves with excitement that she has shown such progress.


Source: http://www.projecthope.org/

Ate Rhea Celebrates with Gentle Hands

Gentle Hands EventIt’s a great feeling to celebrate your birthday with your friends and making people around you happy too. Today was one of those days with U! Happy Events, as beauty queen, Ate Rhea chose to throw her big day with her friends and kids from Gentle Hands.

Gentle Hands EventWe grouped the kids into 4 groups and tasked the Ates and Kuyas a bunch of questions to share among each other. These were their names, favorite games and what their talents are so they can get to know each other a little bit more. After a few minutes we also got them to name their groups! They were Team Victorious, Team Adventurous, Team Twins and Team Happy.

To get their hearts pumping before the main show we played a game called pass the cups. The goal to win was to pass all the cups at the end of line by using only a small straw. To make it more complicated and exciting, they had to make a pyramid! In the end Team Adventurous claimed it.

After playing we got into the main show of the event, which was Magic. The kids together with their Ates and Kuyas was so captivated by the show and may have forgotten to breath from time to time. The kids were also asked to participate and volunteered. This was an amazing sight to see.

Gentle Hands Event

After the game and all the excitement from Magic, everyone shared a meal over heart filled conversations. During this time prizes and gifts were also given to the kids.

We had to say goodbye. While everyone was gathered for a group shot, Ate Te called on Ate Rhea to step out so we can sing our hearts out to her. Hugs followed to cap off a great memory.

Gentle Hands Event

Cilla Fans Asked to Make Children’s Hospital Donation

Mourners wishing to pay tribute to the late entertainer Cilla Black have been asked to make a donation to a children’s hospital in her name.

Cilla Black

The 72-year-old singer will be laid to rest in her home city of Liverpool on Thursday, following a funeral mass at St Mary’s Church, Woolton.

A donations page has been set up online allowing people to pledge money to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

The London hospital opened in 1852 and has since become one of the world’s leading children’s hospitals, with the widest range of specialists working under one roof.

It aims to raise more than £50 million every year to help care for the thousands of children treated there.

Black died earlier this month after falling at her home in Spain.

An inquest into the death of the Blind Date and Surprise Surp
rise star heard that she died accidentally after falling and hitting her head at her villa on the Costa del Sol.

Fans are expected to give Black, who always held the city in great affection, a warm send-off.

Her family have asked that mourners line the two-mile route using the whole length of Woolton Road as far as Blackwood Avenue, ahead of the 1pm service.

She will be laid to rest in a private ceremony at Allerton Cemetery alongside her parents.

Source: http://www.u.tv/

ANZ Bank’s Dance Workshop with Virlanie Foundation

U! Happy Events Dance WorkshopBe the reason someone smiles today. U! Happy Events, a non profit organization greatly advocates for the betterment of young children in the Philippines, many of whom were formerly street children. On August 16,2015 , the organization partnered up with Australia New Zealand bank, and with a few of our volunteers, they headed over to Elizabeth Home in Makati City.

To start off the program, kuya Harvard asked the volunteers to form a straight line in front of the children. Individually, the former had to introduce themselves and danced to a randomly played song. After, the children chose the best dancer by cheering the loudest for their choice. To get to know each other, everyone was then divided evenly into four groups and said their nickname, favourite artist and more.

U! Happy Events Dance Workshop

Next, they played Sing It Like You Mean It! A person from each group was asked to stand and Ate Te would whisper to them the title of a song. They had to eat a polvoron and without chewing or swallowing it, hum the song to their groupmates. The group that was able to write down the most number of correct titles won the game!

After, they proceeded to the main part of the program, the dancing. Ate Ren taught her own choreography to Ariana Grande’s Break Free. The kids were all ecstastic to learn the steps, all shouting yes when they were asked if they got it. Everyone was beaming and the room was bursting with energy. They then performed by group and exhibited their own skills through the freestyle portion of the presentation.

U! Happy Events Dance Workshop

After all the dancing, everyone was excited to finally eat. Each child was given school supplies to keep and when it was time to go, the children ran around to give their ate’s and kuya’s hugs. Countless pictures were taken to remember the wonderful day spent with the kids and everyone went home with a smile.

A Life Changed: A Community Volunteer’s Story

Small steps are sometimes what take us to great leaps. Coming home to a land already foreign to her, Charity’s family had to return to the Philippines after staying in Sabah, Malaysia since she was little. Charity shied away from others as she was unfamiliar to the language and the people.

Save the Children in the PhilippinesAfter two years since her return, there is now no trace of that shy and uncertain woman. One would see a confident and independent person when observing Charity as she reads aloud to her students and she interacts with their parents. Every day, she plays her Save the Children volunteer role and serves as a Literacy Boost and Supervised Neighborhood Session Facilitator in Caloocan City, Philippines. In Literacy Boost, she implements a set of basic education activities adapted according to local context which teaches reading appreciation, letter knowledge, fluency, and comprehension. On the other hand, the Supervised Neighborhood Sessions is a neighborhood-based alternative early learning initiative that provides children with no access to daycare centers with stimulating educational activities and learning materials.

Charity says, “I usually hurry to the sessions right after I take care of my two kids and do my responsibilities at home, it is important for me to be there to teach children reading and learning skills. Being a volunteer is not about benefiting from a program, but it’s about giving back what you have learned. It is about helping people around you.”

Save the Children in the PhilippinesShe started volunteering to expose herself to the Tagalog language and because she was curious about what Save the Children does. Charity says she no longer views her undertakings as just volunteer work wherein she learns from, but more as an initiative that is very helpful to her neighbors and community. It is a joy for her to see the children grow and learn before her very eyes. Aside from improving her self-esteem, she says serving and being known as a community volunteer in the Philippines is life-changing. Charity says she understands that the financial problems usually discourage parents from sending their children to daycares and she knows she is contributing to ease this problem. She mentions that she will continue doing this for her community until she can.
Charity knows that what she does not only makes a difference in the community, but it changes her family life as well. She has learned how to make her kids love reading better and is now a promoter of positive discipline at home. She says that volunteer work sometimes seems daunting, but she knows it accomplishes so much for those who are involved in it.


Source: http://savethechildren.typepad.com/

Stop Hunger Now!

Together We Fight Hunger.

U! Happy Events recently partnered with Stop Hunger Now Philippines to provide food and life-saving aid to our community based NGO partners. Their mission is to end hunger in our lifetime by creating a global commitment to mobilize the necessary resources. We agree that this is a problem and we are hoping you can join us fight it.

Stop Hunger NowStop Hunger Now Philippines is a relief agency that has been fulfilling its commitment to end hunger for more than 15 years. In 2005 Stop Hunger Now Worldwide established its global meal packaging program, where volunteer groups combine rice, soy, a dehydrated vegetable blend (including Malunggay), and a vitamin composition including 23 essential vitamins and minerals into small meal packets. Since 2008, Stop Hunger Now has coordinated the distribution of food and other lifesaving aid to children and families throughout the Philippines.

Each pack can serve 12 children and is available for only Php 90! Being a solution for hunger can be done for a small amount. Pledge as many as you could and we will let you know where we will be sending them. Interested parties can contact Kuya Harvard at 0917 8874278 or email him at harvard@uhappyevents.com.

Here are our account numbers as you have decided to fight! U! Happy Events BDO 286-024-9210/ Unionbank 00-157-000-1150 or BPI 9821-0050-83. Please email deposit slips to shoutout@uhappyevents.com

U! Happy Events - Stop Hunger

Alder Hey Launches Real Life Monopoly

Alder Hey Children’s Charity Monopoly

A classic board game is set to come to life in Liverpool thanks to Alder Hey Children’s Charity Monopoly.

Alder Hey Children’s Charity has launched a virtual Monopoly game. Teams of five will get the chance to experience some of Liverpool’s famous landmarks while trying to avoid a trip to jail as they play Monopoly on the streets of Liverpool.

Starting at the Liverpool One Bridewell; which doubles up as an authentic jail, teams will compete against each other to win the prestigious Oli Monopoly trophy.

Each space a team lands on means a trip to one of Liverpool’s famous tourist attractions on the Alder Hey virtual Monopoly Board, including the Cavern Walks, Liver Buildings, the Tate Gallery and both Cathedrals. Here a team can ‘win money’ (Monopoly money of course) as you would do in a normal game of Monopoly. The winning team is the one who earns the most money in the set time period.

Irene Axon, from Alder Hey Children’s Charity who has created this idea said:

“This is a unique and fun way to see Liverpool and raise money for Alder Hey Children’s Charity. It is an ideal team bonding exercise for work groups or perfect for a group of mates to get involved and have a great evening. Every penny raised will go towards our new Alder Hey hospital appeal. Help thousands of children and young people.”

The event will take place on Thursday 1st October from 6pm till 8pm. Registration is £50 per team with a minimum sponsorship requirement of £500 a team. All sponsorship will go to Alder Hey Children’s Charity.

Source: http://www.alderheycharity.org/

“This is a unique and fun way to see Liverpool and raise money for Alder Hey Children’s Charity. It is an ideal team bonding exercise for work groups or perfect for a group of mates to get involved and have a great evening. Every penny raised will go towards our new Alder Hey hospital appeal, helping us make a difference to thousands of children and young people.”

The event will take place on Thursday 1st October from 6pm till 8pm. Registration is £50 per team with a minimum sponsorship requirement of £500 a team. All sponsorship will go to Alder Hey Children’s Charity.

Kuya Marc’s Benefit Concert for U! Happy Events

Written by Core Team Leader, Ren dela Cruz

April 25th was a special day for U! Happy events volunteer and supporter Kuya Marc Baluyan–who staged a special birthday celebration in the form of a concert and EP launch! An alumnus of Ateneo’s famed Blue Repertory, kuya Marc also dabbles as a host, singer, composer, and dancer and has always dreamt of putting up his very own show. Last April 25 at Teatrino in Greenhills Promenade, he finally made it happen–filling up the concert venue full of his family, friends, and supporters.

Benefit Concert for U! Happy Events

Together with his girlfriend and avid U! Happy volunteer, ate Janelle, kuya Marc displayed kindness and generosity by choosing U! Happy Events as its official beneficiary. All purchase proceeds of his EP consisting of his songs, as well as other donations made by attendees of the concert, will go to U! Happy Event’s various beneficiaries and programs.

Benefit Concert for U! Happy Events

The one hour show was packed with energetic songs and inspiring crowd-favorites Pompeii and Gary V’s Warrior is a Child, but also included kuya Marc’s endearing original songs like “I Got This” and “Tahan Na”, which he composed himself. In a touching tribute, kuya Marc sang “Superheroes” which he dedicated to U! Happy and its volunteers, encouraging everyone in the crowd to support our mission of helping the children in need.

Benefit Concert for U! Happy Events

We would like to thank Kuya Marc, ate Janelle, and everyone who staged and supported the I Got This! Concert for the benefit of U! Happy Events! We would also like to congratulate kuya Marc on the success of his birthday concert and wish him the best in the next stages of his bright career.